Social Media

Does your business or not-for-profit organization need to start leveraging social media to find more customers, convert prospects into customers and clients, or maybe to recruit new members to your community organization or political campaign?

Managing this trendy but challenging element of outbound communication is often be put in the ‘too hard’ basket.  Yindi Systems can remove all the stress of this process by creating and managing a social media plan (SMP), as an integral part of your go-to-market operating plan.

Yindi Systems will listen to you tell us about your communication needs and opportunities, as part of an in-depth briefing process.  It is crucial that Yindi Systems understand your business, your clients or members, and your major objectives,  so that we can maximise the outcomes for those objectives, through the use of social media tools.

Yindi Systems will then build a marketing or communicating with social media plan for your business or organization, based on research of the horizontal and vertical market sectors that you want to be engage in, and our extensive research of communicating, marketing and selling via the Internet.  Our first experience of what is now call e-business was in 1986, when our principal, John Young, joined Sun Microsystems Australia, almost a decade even before the creation of the World Wide Web (www).Objectives, Strategy and Tactics

There will be a number of common components in this social media plan including

– defining your corporate objectives

– expanding your corporate strategy to take advantage of the most appropriate social media tools for your business,  like a contacts database, email, blogging, Facebook,, Google+, Twitter and Instagram

– planning and implementing the tactics that will help you learn about and execute the most effective tasks for the coming day and week, in order to achieve your objectives

– the resulting task list will probably include

– helping you build a contacts database, if you do not already have one

– writing several eye-catching articles, or posts that will be published on your web site.

For more information

John Young  BSc(Arch) BArch (Hons) ARB
Yindi Systems
PO Box 536  | Spit Junction NSW 2088
0407 940 943
+61 407 940 943


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