Yindi Systems is a professional practice founded by a qualified building architect, John Young, He studied architecture first at Sydney University and then at Liverpool University in the UK, where he completed his professional registration as an architect.  But after working in the construction industry he was seduced by the technology of using computers in the design and construction phases in the construction industry and established first Building Design Software and later Yindi Systems, after he had moved back to live in Sydney in 1984.

Yindi Systems is best described now as a design consultancy that uses leading edge systems and technologies to assist businesses to improve their performance, in a wide range of problems, which are no longer confined to the construction industry

  • Finding sales prospects for their products/services
  • Converting those prospects into sales and revenue
  • Generating new revenue streams with new products/services
  • Creating new opportunities for selling to existing Customers
  • Improving the quality of interaction with Customers

The technologies we commonly use at Yindi Systems in business solutions include

  • Collaborative change consulting
  • facilitative leadership skills
  • Accelerating organisational change and transition
  • Six Sigma methodologies
  • Workplace learning solutions
  • Continuous monitoring for quality and effectiveness
  • Using the Internet more effectively to communicate with prospects, customers, suppliers and partners
  • Contact management systems and CRM databases
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)

Our practice is about helping small, medium and large organizations to focus and optimize the creativity, energy and spirit of their people, to achieve bottom line success.

Yindi Systems have designed and delivered solutions to Clients in the areas of

  • Change management
  • Using team work to raise productivity in an organisation
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Facilitation
  • Events and meetings management
  • Customer Relationships Management (CRM)

Recent client projects undertaken by Yindi Systems demonstrate that effective collaboration is key to overcoming roadblocks to business success. Our business objective is to help Clients create cultures and business processes which

  • Solve invisible people problems in your business
  • Reduce cycle times on business processes
  • Build sustainability
  • Increase profitability
  • Retain your experienced and trained people resources
  • Work cross-functionally
  • Minimize errors and the need to re-work due to poor business processes

For more information

John Young  BSc(Arch) BArch (Hons) ARB
Yindi Systems
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